QR codes can play an important role in consumer trust

Smartphone scanning QR codes

Mobile marketing can help consumers to connect with brands and companies. One of the hottest topics in advertising at the moment is mobile marketing, and its ability to build consumer trust through QR codes is now spending a large amount of time in the spotlight in discussions among advertisers. Unfortunately, many conversations have been focused on avoiding the tendency to miss the mark. The primary concern about QR codes and mobile marketing is unrealized potential. Among the main problems are that while they have become highly popular among companies, many…

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QR and AR…a match made in heaven!

QR And AR Mobile Marketing Tools

Augmented reality is a rising star in the world of interactive technology. While augmented reality technology has been around for some time, it has largely lain dormant. With the popularity of smart phones and more sophisticated mobile devices, however, the technology is experiencing renewed interest. Coupled with QR codes, augmented reality is now becoming a popular way for businesses to reach out and touch consumers. While big businesses may be investing heavily into augmented reality, a new company aims to expand its use to consumers. Daqri is a relatively new…

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QR and AR make for great bedfellows

Daqri, a company that specializes in generating QR codes, has announced that they have entered the private beta phase of their latest venture to combine QR codes with augmented reality. Daqri is building this new platform to be the QR equivalent of YouTube. The company made the announcement at the Launch Conference in San Francisco. Users upload snippets of content, which Daqri then attributes with a code. With augmented reality programs, such as Wordlens, aiming a smart phone at the codes will display the content in real time. The content…

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