QR codes can play an important role in consumer trust

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Mobile marketing can help consumers to connect with brands and companies.

One of the hottest topics in advertising at the moment is mobile marketing, and its ability to build consumer trust through QR codes is now spending a large amount of time in the spotlight in discussions among advertisers.

Unfortunately, many conversations have been focused on avoiding the tendency to miss the mark.

The primary concern about QR codes and mobile marketing is unrealized potential. Among the main problems are that while they have become highly popular among companies, many consumers still haven’t figured out what they are. This is a slow learning process that is catching on, but that hasn’t included the majority of smartphone users quite yet.

Moreover, when QR codes are recognized, they are often misused by marketers.

Unfortunately, many of the consumers find that even when they do know what QR codes are and they use their mobile devices to scan them, they rapidly discover that the mobile marketers didn’t take the time to make the scan worthwhile. For example, if all the code does is direct the user to the homepage of a website, there will be a far poorer response than if scanning the code allows the smartphone owner to gain access to an exclusive discount coupon.

The key to mobile marketing with QR codes in a successful way is to answer the consumer’s question “what’s in it for me?”. This question needs to be answered well, and show the individual that it’s worthwhile to scan another code again in the future.

It’s not just used as a fast way to enter a URL. Instead, it is an opportunity for consumers to gain something. QR codes can provide people with product information, mobile commerce shopping, videos showing how a product can best be used, instructions or ideas for use of the product, as well as offers and discounts to save money or obtain something additional.

Moreover, there is an emotional connection that is made through proper use of QR codes. When applied correctly, it can help a customer to build trust and comfort with a brand so that it becomes a more familiar and natural choice when the products it offers are needed.

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