Mobike QR codes should be checked for fake replacements

Mobike qr codes bicycle

Scammers in China are placing their quick response codes on top of the popular bike rental barcodes. Mobike QR codes are now among the growing number of quick response codes that should be checked for imposters before being scanned. Scammers have been reportedly replacing the genuine bike rental barcodes with their own scannable code stickers. When unsuspecting bike renters scan the QR codes, they end up paying into the scammer’s account. Certain Mobike QR codes have been carefully replaced with a sticker over top of the legitimate barcode. When a…

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QR code payments get one step closer in China

qr code payments

The central bank in the country is working on creating standards for the use of quick response codes. QR code payments have spent years in a state of limbo. There has been a ban on using quick response codes for mobile payments due to a lack of regulations. That said, the central bank is getting ever closer to drafting security and tech standards for QR codes in combination with mobile transactions. Once the regulations have been passed, it will allow third party payment providers to offer rapid verification processes. This…

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QR codes on bikini-clad behinds cause quite a stir

qr codes marketing

A considerable controversy has developed following a publicity stunt using quick response codes in Beijing. In Beijing on November 3, a technology company drew attention to itself using QR codes and another method that has generated a surprising amount of controversy, as models wearing bikinis promoted a new mobile app with barcodes on their behinds. The women wore the quick response codes on the backsides of the bikini bottoms. What’s more, in order to encourage people to scan the QR codes, the models had the words “use me” written on…

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QR codes may soon be permitted for mobile payments in China

qr codes mobile payments money security

There is currently a ban on these quick response codes for that purpose in the country, but that could soon change The central bank in China had previously suspended the use of QR codes for mobile payments following concerns about the level of security that is available through the application of these barcodes for that purpose. That ban was established in March, but there are now some powerful rumors saying that this ban will soon lift. As third party mobile payment services and banks start to hear that the ban…

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QR codes assist lost Chinese seniors in finding their way home

qr codes button tags business cards

Quick response codes printed on badges are assisting the elderly to be able to stay safe. It is no secret that aging comes with a number of struggles that weren’t experienced throughout the earlier phases of adulthood, but a program in China is now working to use QR codes to help seniors to be able to avoid one of the scarier situations of which the elderly are at risk. Challenges with mobility, false teeth, and bladder issues are only the start of what seniors often face. Among the largest struggles…

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QR codes used in Qingdao on ancient trees

QR codes on trees support learning

The quick response codes are a part of a project that helps to identify the various species. Ancient trees within the Qingdao Zhongshan Park in the Shangdong Province of east China have now been labeled with QR codes to give visitors to the area a better opportunity to be able to learn more about these gorgeous giants. The quick response codes were added so that smartphone users could easily scan them to gain information. The QR codes are prominently displayed and are very easy for visitors to the park to…

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QR codes give Chinese historical buildings a high tech flair

Bejing China QR Code usage mobile commerce

Visitors to the “Villa Community” located in Beijing’s Zuhui District near Hunan Road can scan the quick response codes. In Beijing, the area around Hunan Road in the Xuhui District called the “Villa Community” has now added a new feature using QR codes that is meant to provide visitors and locals, alike, with information about the historic buildings. To start, the quick response codes have been added to twenty historic buildings within the area. The QR codes can be scanned through the use of smartphones and they allow people to…

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QR codes from Tencent experience widespread popularity in China

red qr codes

The quick response codes are offering users a convenient vehicle for downloading mobile apps. China has a new popular activity surrounding the scans of red QR codes that were created by Tencent in order to be able to help device users to increase their odds of receiving lucky money. Tencent Yingyongbao has devoted 500 million Chinese Yuan (about US$ 79,931,000) to the campaign. When the red QR codes are scanned, they provide users with the ability to download mobile apps onto their smartphones or tablets. This method was chosen because…

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QR codes are getting personal in China

Visualead QR Codes

VisuaLead has just generated its own startup in the country to be able to provide customized barcodes. If there is anything that can be said for certain about QR codes, it’s that they are spreading like wildfire, and companies that generate them are working hard to make sure that they are at the head of the market when it comes to being the choice of businesses for creating their barcodes. These quick response codes are typically black and white squares, but VisuaLead has managed to make them stand out. Now,…

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QR codes to be dropped by China Central Bank

no qr codes transaction ban

The financial institution has ordered the cessation of all mobile payments that use quick response codes. China’s central bank has recently released an order that will put a stop to all online mobile payments units of companies that are using QR codes to send and receive funds. This news has been confirmed by both Tencent and Alibaba, which had been using the barcodes. Both Alibaba and Tencent have been commanded to stop the use of QR codes in order to process the payments of its online sales, according to a…

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Chinese restaurants embrace QR codes

QR codes scanning success

Restaurants use QR codes to spread information QR codes are often used for marketing purposes, but the codes can also be powerful information distribution tools. The codes are easy to produce and can typically be created for free through a wide variety of online resources. This makes QR codes quite attractive for organizations looking to engage consumers, especially those that have become reliant on their mobile devices. In China, the codes are beginning to gain more attention when it comes to information distribution. Food safety information made accessible through use…

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