China remains a leader in mobile payments

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Many things set China’s mobile commerce sector apart from those in other countries China has become one of the world’s leading mobile commerce markets, surpassing the United States in terms of mobile transactions. This may be due to the difference that exist between the two countries, especially when it comes to population. Chinese consumers have also shown that they are more willing to participate in mobile commerce, having a higher degree of comfort with mobile technology. Chinese companies have been quite aggressive with their promotion of mobile payments as well,…

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Mobile payments through Alipay are wildly popular in China

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Unlike in North America, where adoption of these transactions has been slow, Alibaba has seen massive Chinese success. Alibaba, the tremendous e- and m-commerce company in China has been watching the success of its affiliated mobile payments service, Alipay, simply taking off throughout the length of 2014. In the first 10 months of this year, the use of Alipay made up 54 percent of all of Alibaba’s transactions. This represented a growth in the use of the mobile payments service of 22 percent when compared to the figures from all…

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Apple Pay could make the leap into China’s mobile payments market

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CEO Tim Cook spent four days in the country and suggested that the service could be rolled out there. It may not be very long before Apple Pay rolls out in the tremendous Chinese market, as the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, suggested this about its mobile payments system when speaking to the state media. Cook explained that the launch of that service within China is at the “top of the list” for his company. Apple Pay was only just launched in the United States, this month, giving consumers…

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Alibaba takes majority of China’s mobile commerce market

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Alibaba continues to show how dominating it can be in the mobile market with its Alipay platform China’s Alibaba is quickly conquering the country’s mobile market. A growing number of consumers are beginning to turn to Alibaba when it comes to making large purchases and many are beginning to make these purchases through the company’s Alipay platform. The platform has become much more popular than similar solutions that are being offered by the country’s banks. The mobile services that banks offer to Chinese consumers are unreliable, which has been a…

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The battlefield for mobile commerce is set

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Mobile commerce is becoming a matter of large versus small businesses Mobile payments are becoming more popular around the world and this popularity is growing at an alarming rate. Smartphones and tablets are becoming less expensive, but more technologically advanced, and more people are beginning to rely on these devices in their daily lives. Commerce is becoming more digital by the day and businesses that do not have some type of presence on the Internet are becoming more and more likely of being confronted by failure. As this trend continues…

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