Sam’s Club Now mobile shopping app could replace cashiers

Sam's Club Now - Store in Dallas

A new technology is being tested in Dallas by the Walmart-owned wholesale club. Sam’s Club Now is an innovative concept store that will soon open its doors in the Dallas, Texas area. The store is designed to test out new concepts involving mobile shopping and mobile checkout. The Dallas store will be the first to test the technology developed to provide a full mobile shopping experience. In addition to testing mobile checkout, Sam’s Club Now will also be testing other concepts. Among these include electronic shelf labels, augmented reality, AI-infused…

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Circa app looks to bring the past to life with augmented reality

Circa augmented reality app

Augmented reality can help people experience past events Technology may not be at the point where physical time travel is possible, but a new mobile application could let people see the past with their own eyes. Circa, a mobile application that is scheduled to launch for the iPad and iPhone this September, can take users back in time to see historic moments as they were being made. This is accomplished through the use of augmented reality, which is becoming more popular for its ability to make the seemingly impossible possible.…

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Augmented reality campaign by Yoplait Greek opens up new AR marketing world

Augmented Reality Marketing

Yoplait Greek has just unveiled its brand new advertising campaign and packaging that allow consumers to use their smartphones to help in the effort to battle hunger throughout the country. Shoppers across the United States can use their smartphones to download the free Yoplait Greek4Good mobile app that allows them to experience a new level of interaction with the cups for Yoplait Greek products. With this app, available from, as well as at the Twitter and Facebook pages for the brand, yogurt shoppers are able to unlock messages from…

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New augmented reality app seeks to dethrone QR codes in mobile marketing

Blippar augmented reality Mobile App

QR codes have become the titan of the mobile marketing world. The codes have proven the simplicity of reaching a varied audience of consumers in the digital age. The rise of the mobile marketing industry owes much of its success to the codes and many advertisers are sure that the codes will be around for many years to come. However, a new mobile application seeks to dethrone the blocky barcode. To accomplish this ambitious feat, the app is making use of augmented reality technology. Augmented reality is nothing new to…

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Famed tennis tournament to be seen in a new dimension with the help of augmented reality

Bank of the West Classic 2010

This is a repost with official corrections made: Bank of the West, California’s 5th largest bank, has teamed with CrowdOptic, a new technology company based in Silicon Valley. The partnership was announced last month as part of the Bank of the West Classic event, the longest running women’s tennis tournament in the world. It will be held at Stanford University this year and will be one of the venues for the Olumpus U.S. Open Series. CrowdOptic has been selected to develop a new “fan-friendly” mobile application that will use augmented…

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