QR codes partnership announced between AT&T and Scanbuy

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Scanlife QR codesThe partnership is meant to help the wireless provider to increase its mobile engagement capabilities.

AT&T has just announced that it is now offering new services through a partnership with Scanbuy, in which it is providing the ability for businesses to use QR codes in order to run mobile commerce campaigns that will provide a more relevant and engaging experience for their customers.

This is one of a number of mobile engagements solutions that are offered through the new partnership.

The new deal between Scanbuy and AT&T will allow for improved overall features that will let businesses create QR codes in a number of different forms of media that will produce results that will excite customers. Some of these outcomes can include information, coupons, promotions, and other types of content that can be accessed through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

By working with Scanbuy, AT&T can offer a number of different abilities by way of the QR codes.

Among the enhanced features include the following:

• Using QR codes as a part of the execution of campaigns that will help to encourage consumers to take other actions such as make a phone call, watch a video, or make email contact.
• Quickly and easily create landing pages that are fully mobile optimized.
• Applying designer QR codes to boost brand awareness through logos and colors that are associated uniquely with the brand.
• Accessing reporting at near real-time speeds through the application of sophisticated code analytics in order to help make the best marketing choices.
• Assisting in personalizing the experience for customers with advanced actions through the barcode scans that will respond to the behaviors of the users and generate custom content.

According to a press release from the companies, consumers are already experiencing benefits through the use of the various QR codes and the enhancements that have been made to the platform. For example, the Concept Studio president, Stephen O’Shea said that “The AT&T mobile barcode platform is an example of AT&T adapting to their customer’s needs.” Similarly, the founder of Mobile Source Marketing Karie Turner-Baird said that “AT&T Mobile Barcode Services provides innovative creative tools and comprehensive analytics that help us measure success and exceed client expectations.”

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