QR codes provide exclusive Bond No. 9 fragrance access

qr codes perfume sample

qr codes perfume sampleThis newly released fragrance will be available only via mobile commerce through barcode scans.

The latest unique use of QR codes has been revealed by Laurice Rahme, with the release of her latest fragrance, Bond No. 9, which will be available for purchase only through scans of the barcodes.

This unique step has been taken into the mobile commerce channel for a number of reasons.

The fragrance decided to take on a “digital” scent that can be purchased only through scans of QR codes to access the mobile web. The reason is that Rahme – the owner and founder of the fragrance and the Bondmobile brand – feels that this will help to provide a much more practical, accurate, and enjoyable experience for the consumer who is shopping for the product.

The QR codes will be located in a number of different places, including on the perfume bottle itself.

The launch price for the Bond No 9 perfume is slated to be $250 and it will first become available at the end of June, this year. It will be sold exclusively online and the website can be accessed, among various ways, through the scanning of QR codes. The hope of the company is that smartphone carrying shoppers will scan the codes in order to pick up this brand new fragrance.

According to Rahme, the choice was made to use QR codes and to sell the product exclusively over mobile commerce because they wanted to break away from the old traditions of the fragrance business, where little new has happened I a long time. “We wanted to really capture what is going on in the world,” she said. She explained that everybody today is mobile and online.

She went on to say that “So we have to do a fragrance for that world. It’s a different world. What I love about the packaging is that for all of us in this industry talking about how difficult and expensive it is to train and retain sales people, to have a bottle that speaks to the consumer, directly, is the dream.”

Rahme also pointed out that this makes the fragrance quite different from what is going on at department stores and shops such as Sephora. Instead, the QR codes allow the fragrance to connect directly with the consumer when he or she wishes to make the purchase.

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