QR codes help kids learn art

QR codes book school mobile shopping

Students at an Illinois school use technology and quick response codes to help build access and sharing.

Primary and intermediate students at Edwardsville District 7 in Illinois and who are fortunate enough to have Stacy Requarth as an art teacher are also using QR codes and other forms of technology as a new way to learn and share.

The quick response codes represent only the latest in Requarth’s efforts to keep her students engaged.

The most recent project involved the use of the QR codes for allowing students to share their art projects more easily with their parents. This art teacher has been working with the district for a decade and a half and travels to a number of different schools there in order to be able to teach art every week.

She explained that “I teach every student at Hamel K-2, Midway K-2, the Castle program at Leclaire, three kindergarten and four first grades at Leclaire. I do all the fourth graders at Worden and Cassens and two sections of first grade at Goshen this year. That’s why this suitcase is with me.”

Requarth has a great passion for her work and the use of QR codes and technology help her to share it.

QR codes book school mobile shoppingShe is among the technology trainers in the district on top of being a national board certified art teacher. As such, she greatly enjoys the opportunity to bring tech and art together. The QRcodes fit into that combination quite perfectly.

The barcodes are generated in order to be unique to the artwork of a student. When scanned by way of a tablet or smartphone, the barcode automatically directs the user to a specific URL on the device browser. That way, the complete web address does not need to be typed in manually. By providing students with these quick response codes, it means that they – and their parents – can scan and view an image of their completed artwork.

In this way, the QR codes make it much easier for parents to be able to access and view the artwork created by their children. Moreover, the images can be saved onto the mobile device so they can be displayed for others to see, as well.

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