QR codes offer virtual tour at Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation

qr codes scan

This use of quick response codes was accomplished through a partnership with Leadership Siouxland.

A new virtual tour based on QR codes has now been developed by Leadership Siouxland in order to provide visitors to the Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation with a greatly enhanced experience that they can hold in the palm of their hands.

The new digital tour was created to provide visitors with more insight into the various museum exhibits.

The QR codes can be scanned by visitors to the museum at various points throughout the tour. This way, they can obtain more information about exhibits at their own pace. Scans can be made using an individual’s own smartphone or tablet, using a free quick response code reader app. Alternately, visitors can check out a tablet from the museum’s front desk to use that mobile device to scan the barcodes, instead.

The QR codes were implemented at the museum through the assistance of the Leadership Siouxland team.

qr codes scanThe team from Leadership Siouxland was led by April Tidwell, the Sioux City Community Schools STEM coordinator. The members of the team who took part in this project included: Mary Honomichl (Siouxland Community Health, Karen Hodges (Electronic Innovations), Eric Hoak (United Real-Estate Solutions) and Robert Gries (Per Mar Security).

Tidwell explained that “Our group hopes to attract young people to the museum who are familiar with 21st century technology, and new visitors of all ages who may not have ever been to the museum.” She also went on to add that “The museum has a rich history of the area. Also, the virtual tour allows visitors of all ages to interact with the exhibits through video and other online resources.”

This type of strategy using QR codes is becoming increasingly commonplace in many areas of tourist interest. Cities, towns, galleries, museums and the like have been creating tours based on quick response codes, which allow visitors to use the devices that are likely already in their hands when they visit. These projects are typically quite affordable and are simple to maintain, as the barcodes can be cheaply displayed and the URL to which they are linked can be digitally updated as needed.

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