QR Codes are now saving lives!?

QR Codes Being Used to Save Lives

When arriving at an emergency room, few expect there to be a waiting time. In the U.S. the average wait time to see a medical professional in any emergency room is 60 minutes. HCA’s TriStar Health System, based in Tennessee, will be using QR codes as the latest addition to their Fast ER campaign. The campaign was launched last year in an effort to share news of improvement initiative at making ER’s more efficient.

Larry Kloess, president of HCA’s TriStar Division, said that “the convenience of our QR code allows us to instantly communicate with our consumers.” This allows patients to make informed decision when emergency services are needed.

Due to the improvements to the functionality of some emergency rooms, the average wait time for a TriStar emergency room has been lowered to 25 minutes, far below the national average.

The QR codes can be found on billboards and signage at hospitals, as well as in print advertisements. Some of TriStar’s billboards are also equipped with a digital clock showing the wait time at the nearest emergency room.

Though this aspect of the campaign is being tailored for smartphone users, TriStar is pursuing additional avenues to make information available to those that do not have a smart phone.

TriStar is hoping that by incorporating QR in their campaign, more people will have access to information that could save their lives.

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