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NFC Business Cards

Customers at Vistaprint and MOO can benefit from the enhanced cards.

Vizibility has announced that the first 150,000 customers purchasing business cards from Vistaprint or MOO through its website would be able to receive free NFC Mobile Wallet Cards.

These m-commerce cards have already been launched and typically cost $15 each.

The original release of the NFC business cards was back in March 2012, at the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW). They are immediately available to customers and come in the form of tear-proof, durable plastic cards that are the same size and shape as a traditional credit card. They also include a QR code, in order to allow people who do not yet have near field communication technology to access the information held by the card.

The NFC cards are designed to work with all of the major smartphone operating systems.

Compatibility includes Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices. Last month, Vizibility earned the “Excellent” editor rating and four stars from PC Magazine. According to Vizibility’s chief executive officer, James Alexander, “Vizibility addresses the reality that in today’s world, we are who Google says we are. Tools that help people package and share their online identities to quickly build trust and credibility are rapidly gaining in importance.”

Alexander pointed out that his company offers businesses all sizes with the ability to equip their team members with a powerful Mobile Business Card tool that features both QR codes and NFC, as well as a mobile Google ad. He has also stated that it will soon be compatible with the new Passbook on Apple’s devices.

Although NFC is not yet enabled in the majority of smartphones, and it was notably absent in the latest release from Apple, the iPhone 5, it is expected to experience rapid growth and hold an increasing importance in the area of marketing and mobile payments. The use of the technology by Vizibility allows those who do have the proper capabilities to simply tap the card with the device in order to access the online content to which it is linked. It also allows access to the new patented “Find Me in Google” feature from Vizibility, where the best personal Google results can also be shared.

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