NFC technology finds its way to business cards

NFC Technology Business Cards

NFC Technology Business Cards reveals new line of business cards equipped with NFC technology, a maker of business cards and other such materials, has announced the incorporation of NFC technology into its products. As society grows more reliant on technology, the need for business cards to adapt to the changing times is becoming more of an issue. Professionals from nearly every industry are beginning to rely heavily on their mobile devices to connect with others. As such, business cards are beginning to become more advanced in order to facilitate these interactions.

Business cards becoming more interactive

Interactive business cards used to rely on QR codes to provide access to information. When these codes were scanned with a smart phone or other mobile device, they would present a person’s contact information or show off their portfolio or resume. QR codes are still used for business cards, but NFC technology is receiving a great deal of interest from consumers. Thus, has determined that the time is right for NFC technology to be incorporated into its products, providing consumers with a quick and dynamic way to share their information.

NFC chip embedded within cards provides access to information

These business cards have an NFC chip inside of them. When the chip is activated by an NFC-enabled mobile device, it will transmit information to that device. This information can be nearly anything, from website to simple text, and could help give some people an edge over their competition, especially in the more technology-oriented industries. The problem with the cards, however, is that they can only be used by NFC-enabled mobile devices, which happen to be somewhat rare. takes slow and steady approach to launch of new products has not taken the scarcity of NFC-enabled mobile devices lightly. The company has not yet begun selling its NFC business cards and, for now, has chosen to give away 150,000 of them for free as a way to raise awareness amongst consumers. The company is still developing its understanding of NFC technology and how it can be used and will not likely commercialize its brand of NFC-enabled business cards until more mobile devices capable of interactive with NFC technology come into the market.

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