QR codes from Findables reduce the need for traditional business cards

QR codes on iphone

Device cases for iPhones that display the barcodes make the information scannable.

Startup online service, Findables, has just released its latest product, which consists of a smartphone case that features QR codes that can be scanned by other mobile devices in order to obtain a person’s business card information.

The company has launched on IndieGoGo with cases for several different device models.

These different models include the iPad, the iPhone 4S, and the Samsung Galaxy S III. It also intends to have a case for the iPhone 5 ready, shortly after the release of that device. It is hoped that these new products and their related services will help to make the company more attractive to customers.

Devices that don’t fit the pre-manufactured cases will have QR code stickers that can be used instead.

This way, the sticker can still be placed on the gadget or its own case, so that the QR codes can still be displayed in the same way. This dual level approach to allowing users to connect with their customers is also expected to be helpful in allowing lost gadgets to be returned, assuming that the individual who finds a missing device will scan the quick response barcodes with their own device in order to obtain the contact information.

The Findables service allows its users to toggle between various modes. The Business mode provides the option for a profile that is geared toward sharing professional contact data with new contacts. On the other hand, the Social mode gives the user the opportunity to use profile connections and a picture for a more socially focused experience. Should the device ever go missing, its mode can be remotely changed in order to offer a reward for its return.

When customers use the Findables service, they receive their own link as well as the ability to personalize their own page content. Though they cannot actually create their own domains to be linked to the QR codes, they can offer a link to other pages or, if they are more savvy, they can simply use page forwarding. The primary appeal is that all of a person’s contact information is available instantly with a single scan.

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