Is Mobile Commerce the Way of the Future?

Mobile commerce and the future

The world is becoming increasingly mobile-centric. People around the globe are gaining access to smartphones and the mobile Internet, and they are beginning to use their devices to make their daily lives more convenient or, at least, more connected. In a relatively short amount of time, mobile devices have become a very important part of global society, and these devices are beginning to play a large role in the financial space as well.

With smartphone adoption growing rapidly, the demand for mobile commerce services is also on the rise. People are showing interest in the idea of shopping for and purchasing products from their smartphones and tablets. Many of these people have already been exposed to digital retail for years thanks to e-commerce. Companies like eBay and Amazon have made it possible for people to shop online in a convenient way, but typically only through stationary computers. These companies have recently become more mobile-centric, introducing new services and online platforms that allow people to spend money through their mobile devices. Mobile payments are also seeing more acceptance in physical stores.

Mobile commerce and the futureOn the surface, it would seem that mobile commerce is the way of the future, but this may not be the case. Recent studies have shown that many people are not comfortable with the idea of using their mobile devices to make payments. Part of this has to do with the security problems that have become hot topics in the mobile space. Recent cyber attacks have compounded people’s fears about the safety of their financial information and many are beginning to call into question whether or not the mobile commerce space is safe.

An estimated 90% of retail activity still occurs in physical stores, despite the popularity of online shopping. There is a certain degree of comfort that people have in dealing with physical retailers, as they have been doing so for decades without any significant problems. While mobile commerce may be more efficient and convenient in many ways, security and the hesitance that some retailers to embrace mobile payments is setting off red flags for many people. Mobile may play a bigger role in the future of commerce, but what that future looks like is unknown.

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