Yahoo re-launches its e-commerce service

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Yahoo Stores is being re-launched in order to help the company find a footing in the digital retail space

Yahoo has announced that it will be re-launching its beleaguered e-commerce platform, called Yahoo Stores. The platform had served as a way for the company to connect with digital consumers and businesses, providing them with a way to shop online. Unfortunately, the platform found it difficult to compete with others being offered by companies like Amazon and eBay and eventually fell to obsolescence. The new Yahoo Stores system is adopting a focus on small businesses.

New system will allow small businesses to connect with digital consumers in a better way

According to Yahoo, the new system will allow small businesses to turn an idea into a reality in less than two minutes. Yahoo has taken the best aspects of its past platforms and have introduced them into Yahoo Stores, creating a system that may have significant appeal to small businesses interested in e-commerce. The system will allow these businesses to create e-commerce sites that are capable of supporting many platforms, including mobile devices.

Yahoo Stores will have some focus on mobile commerce

yahoo mobile e-commerceYahoo may be able to improve its standing in the digital retail space through its new Yahoo Stores system. The company has found it difficult to compete with Amazon and eBay in recent years, especially when it comes to mobile commerce. Yahoo Stores is taking the rise of mobile shopping into account, aiming to give businesses a way to engage mobile consumers more effectively without forcing them to jump through too many hoops.

Yahoo will not focus solely on mobile commerce, favoring a more generalized approach to the world of digital retail

Mobile commerce is a heavily competitive field. There are a multitude of companies, large and small, fighting for attention in this crowded space. Relatively few of these companies have managed to find any significant degree of success with their endeavors, while most have either failed entirely or are struggling to stay afloat. Yahoo is relatively new to mobile commerce, but it will not be focusing on the mobile space specifically.

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