Mobile commerce is a hit with British consumers

United Kingdom mobile commerce

UK is experiencing a major increase in mobile commerce activity

Mobile commerce is surging in the United Kingdom. The Office of National Statistics has released its yearly report concerning Internet usage in the UK and has found that nearly all (96%) of British adults between the ages of 16 and 24 browse the Internet from a mobile device. This demographic is noted as being “on-the-go,” and busy schedules have made people rely more heavily on their smartphones and tablets.

Smartphone penetration and growing mobile networks are exposing people to mobile commerce

Increasing mobile browsing is being driven by smartphone penetration and growing access to 4G networks that provide fast Internet speeds. Powa Technologies, a prominent mobile commerce organization, notes that smartphones have provided people with a highly reliable way to access the Internet. This access has enabled them to shop online using their mobile devices as well. As such, more consumers are becoming involved in mobile commerce, and retailers, as well as other organizations, are beginning to take note of this and become more mobile-centric.

Report shows that nearly a quarter of mobile Internet users are involved in mobile shopping

United Kingdom mobile commerceThe report from the Office of National Statistics also shows that nearly a quarter of mobile Internet users participate in mobile shopping, with many using their smartphones to find nearby retail locations and special deals. Tablet devices are becoming one of the favored ways for consumers to shop online. The report shows that 54% of British homes now own a tablet device of some sort, with many consumers enjoying the shopping experience that these tablet devices offer.

Mobile marketing is becoming more powerful at engaging consumers

As mobile commerce growth among consumers, marketers are beginning to realize how powerful the mobile space can be. Advertising is beginning to evolve as a result, with organizations finding new ways to effectively engage consumers and expose them to new products and services that they may be interested in. Mobile commerce is likely to continue expanding in the United Kingdom, especially as Internet speeds grow faster and more consumers purchase smartphones and tablets.

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