Barclays launches new services for Pingit app that include QR codes

QR codes in mobile commerce

Pingit app updated with new service and support for QR codes and charities

Barclays, one of the largest financial institutions in the United Kingdom, has announced that its mobile payments application, Pingit, can now be used to support charities. The application has been updated with a new “donate with Gift Aid” feature that will allow consumers to contribute money through Gift Aid in a convenient fashion. Gift Aid is a tax incentive from the United Kingdom government that allows charities to receive additional financial aid for every donation they receive from within the UK.

App can be used to make donations to participating charities

Consumers using the Pingit application to make donations will be able to select the Gift Aid option in order to ensure that their chosen charities receive additional support. Donations to these charities can be made through the scanning of QR codes. Several charities have begun to use these codes in order to reach out to consumers throughout the UK and provide them with information concerning advocacy operations and various other activities that a charity is participating in.

QR codes in mobile commerceQR codes used to make donations more convenient

The Pingit application can scan QR codes and the codes will initiate a donation procedure. Those using the application can, of course, determine the amount they wish to donate to their chosen charity. Thus far, Macmillan Cancer Support, Dogs Trust, Charities Trust, and several other groups have signed up to participate in Barclays latest initiative. Each of these charities makes use of QR codes that can help power donations.

QR codes continue to grow throughout the mobile sector

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the concept of spending money through their mobile devices. As such, QR codes and similar technologies have become relatively powerful mobile spending tools. The codes are not only used by charities, of course, and they have established a strong presence in the marketing sector and among retailers for purposes of mobile commerce.

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