Marketing firms team to develop NFC technology marketing program

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NFC technology to be a centerpiece of new marketing program

News America Marketing, a leading marketing firm and subsidiary of News Corp, has teamed with Thinaire, a specialist in mobile marketing technologies. Together, the two companies will work to develop a new marketing program that leverages the capabilities of NFC technology. The program will be designed with the retail industry in mind and will help retailers embrace NFC technology and use it to engage a new generation of consumers that have become highly reliant on their mobile devices.

NFC remains popular in mobile commerce sector

NFC technology is most often associated with mobile payments, but the technology has seen some use in the field of mobile marketing. Because of the technology’s dynamic nature, it has managed to acquire some support among tech-savvy consumers. NFC tags, and other such tools, can be used to provide consumers with an engaging marketing experience, either providing them with information concerning certain products or giving consumers an opportunity to experience video content. NFC has also been seeing use as a data sharing tool, allowing consumers to share music, pictures, and videos from their mobile devices with others.

Mobile NFC TechnologyAvailability of NFC-enabled devices may affect popularity of marketing program

Both News America Marketing and Thinaire have high hopes when it comes to NFC technology and its uses in mobile marketing. The program that the two companies are developing is expected to help retailers formulate more effective marketing campaigns. These campaigns will leverage NFC technology to connect with consumers that have NFC-enabled devices. The problem, however, is that these devices are still very rare in the global market.

Consumers remain wary of NFC technology

Thinaire anticipates that more than 630 million NFC-enabled mobile devices will be available in the global market by 2015. This will likely expand the attractiveness of the mobile marketing program that Thinaire is developing with News America Marketing. While the program may become popular among retailers, many consumers have yet to warm to the use of NFC technology.

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