Barclays launches new services for Pingit app that include QR codes

QR codes in mobile commerce

Pingit app updated with new service and support for QR codes and charities Barclays, one of the largest financial institutions in the United Kingdom, has announced that its mobile payments application, Pingit, can now be used to support charities. The application has been updated with a new “donate with Gift Aid” feature that will allow consumers to contribute money through Gift Aid in a convenient fashion. Gift Aid is a tax incentive from the United Kingdom government that allows charities to receive additional financial aid for every donation they receive…

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QR codes in Gloucester used to report antisocial behaviors

QR Codes and mobile Security

A council in the U.K has decided to use common modern technology to help correct local behavior problems. A new partnership has formed between Gloucester City Homes, the Community Safety Partnership at the Gloucester City Council, and the police, which has been called Project Solace, and which uses QR codes to help people to combat antisocial behaviors in their community. The technology is meant to help people to use their smartphones to report Gloucestershire behavior issues. The QR codes can be scanned by smartphone and tablet users who have a…

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QR code war memorials officially unveiled by the Duke of Kent

QR code memorial - HRH Duke of Kent Prince Edward

Smartphone friendly barcodes have been added to help visitors to learn more about WWI One hundred memorials in the United Kingdom have been outfitted with a special QR code to help visitors to learn more about the first World War through the use of their smartphones. The barcodes are meant to be scanned by the public to learn about the history of those who lost their lives. The memorials are designed to help the public to remember the service personnel who gave their lives in World War I, but the…

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QR codes in sushi honor 10,000 MSC certified meals

sushi qr codes

The partnership that Moshi Moshi has held with the Marine Stewardship Council received a unique applause. Moshi Moshi has just announced the new and unique way that it has chosen to celebrate the 10,000th dish that it has served with the certification of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), by creating a sushi design that includes QR codes. This restaurant is the first one in the United Kingdom to use the conveyor belt bar design. It has also had a long standing relationship with the MSC, which is a watch group…

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QR codes to be used on war graves in Oxford

QR codes gravestone

The Botley Cemetery will be using mobile technology to help memorialize the deceased. A war cemetery in Oxford, England, will now be using QR codes on the graves to help to provide people with information about the deceased individuals who are buried there. The quick response barcodes can be scanned using smartphones and tablets. The QR codes will be installed on a panel at the Botley Cemetery war graves site so that visitors will be able to scan them and discover more about the veterans and others who have gone…

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