Augmented reality experience sold alongside Mariah Carey’s new drink

Augmented reality Mariah Carey Butterfly drink beverage

The “Butterfly” beverage has been launched by the singer who inspired its creation.

Mariah Carey recently held a press conference to launch a new beverage that she is endorsing from Go N’Syde, which is called “Butterfly” and which claims to include an augmented reality experience with its use.

The packaging of the drink doesn’t provide any suggestion as to the flavor of the liquid it contains.

The drink bottle simply claims that Butterfly is “a melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey.” An upcoming advertisement that was released for the product will use the singer’s song, “Thirsty” from her “Me. I am Mariah…the Elusive Chanteuse” album. That said, this mysterious product about which very little information has been provided, even on its own label, will apparently contain an augmented reality experience that fans of the singer may enjoy.

The official website for Mariah Carey says this augmented reality enhanced product will “revolutionize” the market.

Using an AR app, a bottle can be scanned, says a recent press release about the Butterfly drink. A barcode is provided on the label which, when scanned, will offer Mariah Carey fans “unprecedented access to history-making content in the form of augmented reality.” It proceeds to say that “Customers will be treated to a private experience, blurring the lines between consumption, culture, entertainment – and reality.”

While this does sound lovely, it still doesn’t say very much about the actual beverage. While some could call this a wonderful enhancement to a product and a potential collector’s item, others have already stated that it is nothing more than a gimmicky marketing ploy.

The singer, herself, seems quite enthusiastic about the product, having said that “I never dreamed that I could have an interactive experience with my fans while drinking my own beverage! The whole concept is innovative and refreshing and the drink is beyond…tastes so good!” Tastes of what? Still no mention.

This is not Mariah Carey’s first entry into the beverage marketplace. A luxury champagne has also been produced with her brand on the label. That said, she is also not the only one to have a flavored beverage with an augmented reality experience, as Jay Z has released his own version, called “40/40” (after his chain of nightclubs).

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