QR codes provide fast and easy jury duty responses

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Residents of Connecticut could soon be able to use their smartphones to confirm or postpone service.

It may not be long before residents of Connecticut will be able to use QR codes to be able to either confirm their service or postpone it when they have been called for jury duty.

This will allow quick response codes to be scanned so that residents will automatically access the necessary webpage.

Should the QR codes become available, they will be official barcodes that will allow residents to email the Jury Administration office, confirm that they will be ready for service, or to postpone their service until a later date. This should make it much more convenient for residents to be able to respond to a summons in a timely manner.

The QR codes are located on the top right corner of the left side of the jury summons.

qr codesThese barcodes are the same form as the types that have become commonplace in print marketing, on billboards, and on product packaging. They are fast and simple to scan using virtually any smartphone that has a free barcode reader, regardless of the platform used by the mobile device – such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. The app will automatically detect the barcode and then direct the user to the intended location – in this case, it is the Jury Administration office website. The QRcode is being used for an increasingly broad range of purposes that are not limited to marketing.


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According to Esther Harris, a Jury Administrator, within the administration’s press release, “In our continuing efforts to enhance our means of communication through the use of technology, Jury Administration is pleased to announce this new feature to the jury summons.”

She went on to point out that it is the hopes of the Jury Administration that the use of these new QR codes will help potential jurors to quickly and easily obtain and access the information that they require through the device that they have with them nearly all of the time, and that is increasingly becoming the method of choice for many forms of communication for Connecticut residents.

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