10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing

qr code marketing

If you are not aware of what a QR code is then… it is a two dimensional barcode, also referred to as a “Quick Response Code”. The code can be scanned by a Smartphone camera for transferring the information directing onto your phone. QR codes can be used to redirect the user to a website, deliver a vCard and even make a phone call. You can also paste the QR codes at different places, for instance, if the QR codes are applied on the Dell Vouchers, people will get the…

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Cab Match, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Card Swapp

CardSwapp.com QR Code App

A smartphone application that allows phone users to exchange business card information by using a QR (Quick Response) image to represent a mobile business card. Presently, the business community is exchanging business cards using the vCard format or a mobile website. Due to the many variations in vCard formats, QR decoding applications have a difficult time interpreting the information to save onto the phone. Card Swapp remedies this problem by creating a format that has more consistent data which prevents decoding errors. Another big advantage of the Card Swapp format…

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