Visualitee introduces new augmented reality apparel

Augmented Reality T-shirts

Augmented reality apparel growing in popularity Augmented reality apparel is becoming more of a reality as the technology becomes more common. Visualitee, a purveyor of augmented reality apparel, has announced the launch of a new line of high-tech t-shirts for tech-savvy consumers. Every shirt associated with the company’s new line contains an augmented reality experience, which can be unlocked using a smart phone equipped with an augmented reality application. The t-shirts are backed by augmented reality technology from Zappar. Technology and clothing continue to blend together Augmented reality technology has…

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Zaphat announced by Zappar may change the face of augmented reality

Technology company to launch new augmented reality products Zappar, a leading developer of augmented reality software, has announced the launch of Zaphat. Zaphat aims to combine the physical world with the digital through a series of branded hats. Each hat features a Zappar brand, which contains digital content. This content can be accessed through the use of the Zappar mobile application. Zaphat will be features at the MAGIC Marketplace event in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Zappar will show off the capabilities of its new product. Zaphat allows consumers to wear…

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Penguin Books and Zappar bring augmented reality to print

Augmented Reality Books - A page from the classic Moby Dick

Print industry attempts to compete with technology with the help of technology Since the advent of technology, the print industry has labored to compete for the affection of consumers. With each new generation, consumers became more enamored with technology, especially that of the mobile variety. Smart phones and other handheld devices have succeeded in peeling consumers away from traditional print media. Print has managed to survive the relentless onslaught of technological gadgets being developed for consumers, but the industry has made note of its own steady decline. In an effort…

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Zappar teams with Moonpig to make augmented reality greeting cards

Zappar Powered Moonpig video cards! from Zappar on Vimeo. Augmented reality developer Zappar has announced a partnership with Moonpig, makers of personalized greeting cards. Together, the two companies will work to provide Moonpie customers with an opportunity to make their own high-tech greeting cards. Zappar has equipped Moonpig’s website with a platform where customers can create and submit their own content, such as videos, music, and other personalized messages. Moonpig believes that this new service will be a hit with tech-savvy consumers. Using the service, customers will be able to…

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Hearst Magazines teams with Zappar to bring augmented reality to the world of magazines

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

Hearst Magazines UK, one of the largest magazine publications in the UK, is working to bring augmented reality to the magazine business. The publisher has partnered with Zappar, makers of one of the world’s most powerful augmented reality mobile applications of the same name. AR technology has been gaining traction in the print business lately, especially where magazines are concerned. Magazines have long been a popular form of media and are one aspect of the print industry that has fared well in the advent of technology. Hearst Magazines, owner of…

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