Zaphat announced by Zappar may change the face of augmented reality

Technology company to launch new augmented reality products

Zappar, a leading developer of augmented reality software, has announced the launch of Zaphat. Zaphat aims to combine the physical world with the digital through a series of branded hats. Each hat features a Zappar brand, which contains digital content. This content can be accessed through the use of the Zappar mobile application. Zaphat will be features at the MAGIC Marketplace event in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Zappar will show off the capabilities of its new product.

Zaphat allows consumers to wear digital masks

Zaphat is designed with social networking in mind. Those wearing the Zappar branded hats will play host to interactive digital experiences. When the hats are scanned with a smart phone, an animated, 3D mask will cover the face of the person wearing the hat. This mask can take a variety of forms, mimicking popular cartoon characters to drudging up a frightening visage. These masks can then be shared on various social networks using the Zappar mobile application. Zappar notes that the augmented reality component of Zaphat is likely to be a hit with tech-savvy consumers.

Augmented reality apparel becoming more popular

Zappar is the first technology company to develop its own line of apparel. The company’s products are often equipped with augmented reality experiences that have managed to become quite popular with consumers. These experiences can be accessed through the use of the Zappar application, which is free to download for both Android and iOS platforms. Zaphat comes with a variety of free content, but consumers can purchase additional digital masks through the company’s application.

Zaphat may not do something new, but may be well received by consumers

Augmented reality is beginning to break away from the realm of novelty, but it is still remains a popular way to engage consumers on an entertaining and social level. Zaphat may not do anything revolutionary in the field of augmented reality, but it does give consumers something new to experience, particularly in the realm of fashion.

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