Augmented reality glasses unveiled by Sony in prototype form

Sony Smart eyeglass augmented reality glasses

They have now come out with the first form of the Smart EyeGlass, which allows both eyes to see the display. Sony has now come up with a prototype of augmented reality glasses that could, one day, give Google Glass a run for its money, as the Smart EyeGlass features a built-in projector for displaying images and text that will be visible in both eyes. Apps for this wearable technology include everything from mapping to cooking. These augmented reality glasses appear to be – at least in their prototype form…

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Augmented reality used by Sony to highlight PS4 camera

augmented reality sony ps4 the playroom

A trailer called “The Playroom” has now been released as an introduction to the PlayStation 4 console. Though Sony has now come out with many details regarding its PS4 game console, including its price and the fact that it will allow used games to be played – unlike its primary competition, the Xbox – it has not had much to say about its new controller sensing camera other than the latest release that it provided through an augmented reality trailer called “The Playroom”. The company held a two hour press…

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Sony takes aim at Google with its own augmented reality glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses Example

Sony sets sights on augmented reality Google has attracted a great deal of attention to its augmented reality Project Glass over the past year. The company has taken several opportunities to show off the capabilities of Glass and prove that it is a unique way to change the way people see the world. Throughout 2012, Glass became significantly less unique as other technology companies began introducing their own versions of augmented reality eyewear. Sony is one of the latest companies to enter the fray. Sony applies for patents concerning augmented…

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Sony shows off AR game for PS Vita

Augmented Reality from PS Vita Sony

PS Vita continues to attract attention from gamers Sony has been laboring to make augmented reality gaming a staple for the gaming industry. Earlier this year, the company launched the Playstation Vita, which is a handheld gaming platform with augmented reality capabilities. The PS Vita has managed to expose gamers to augmented reality and its possibilities in gaming, thus ramping up the demand for games that are more interactive and engaging. Recently, Sony unveiled a new game called Box! Open Me for the PS Vita that will provide gamers with…

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Sony to show off augmented reality device at Tokyo Game Show

augmented reality

Sony expected to unveil augmented reality device Japanese technology pioneer Sony has been ramping up the hype surrounding its new head-mounted augmented reality system. Sony recently revealed that it was working on such a system, which led to speculation that it would be a new peripheral for the upcoming Playstation 4. The technology company has kept the fine details of its augmented reality system a secret, but may reveal more information at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show, which will be held in November in Japan. Trailer highlights PROTOTYPE-SR Earlier this…

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Sony reveals more information about the Wonderbook

Augmented reality for children - Sony Wonderbook

New Wonderbook information revealed Sony has been hard at work incorporating augmented reality into its products. At this year’s E3, Sony unveiled its first major foray into augmented reality with the Wonderbook: Book of Spells product. The Wonderbook is based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter mythos and utilizes augmented reality to bring magic to life. Developers from Sony’s London Studios have revealed new information concerning the Wonderbook and the technology it will be using to capture the adoration of consumers. Video shows off development of Wonderbook The London Studio has…

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Sony shows off new augmented reality application

augmented reality video

Video showcases LiveAction Augmented Reality app Japanese technology giant Sony has been experimenting with augmented reality recently. The company’s interest in augmented reality revolves around the technology’s ability to engage consumers. Sony has recently released a video showing off its new LiveAction Augmented Reality application, which aims to blur the line that separates the physical and digital worlds. The video shows one of the possible uses of the augmented reality system has developed, but the system’s potential is considered to be quite significant. App utilizes the camera of a smart…

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Augmented reality glasses from Sony may be coming

Sony Augmented Reality

Sony shows interest in augmented reality Famed electronics and technology company Sony has been begun to embrace augmented reality more readily. The company, which has deep ties to the game industry, has been feeling the pressure from its competitors to adopt augmented reality technology and provide consumers with a new experience. Consumers have shown a great deal of interest in augmented reality and its various uses, with much of this interest being directed at Google for its hyped Project Glass. Project Glass aims to bring augmented reality to eyewear, a…

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Sony unveils new Wonderbooks augmented reality system at E3

augmented reality books

Wonderbooks may add a new dimension to literature The 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has arrived, bringing with it a vast assortment of new gadgets and technological advances in the world of gaming. Augmented reality has become a popular subject at this year’s event, with many game developers, publishers, and mobile technology companies making use of the technology. Sony, in particular, has been very vocal of its use of augmented reality during this year’s event. The acclaimed game and console developer has unveiled its new Wonderbook system, which aims to…

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Microsoft files patent for new augmented reality project

Augmented Reality Glasses

Microsoft is the latest addition to technology companies working on developing head-mounted augmented reality devices. The company has recently filed a patent for a new AR headset. The company has been very selective about the information it is sharing regarding its new project, but the device may be used for next generation gaming platforms. Early this year, news arose of Microsoft working on the Xbox 720, the successor to the massively successful Xbox 360. Given the company’s latest patent filing, the possibility of a new Xbox console may not be…

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Sony opens up about the augmented reality technology behind the Playstation Vita

Augmented reality’s incorporation into the world of gaming is currently being championed by Japanese developer Sony and their new handheld device the Playstation Vita. In the months and weeks before the handheld console was released, Sony had touted the device as one of the most advanced gaming platforms ever made. This was mostly because of its use of augmented reality. The company kept the specific details of the technology used in the Vita under wraps, even in the days before its release. Now, however, Sony is finally willing to show…

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