Sony shows off AR game for PS Vita

Augmented Reality from PS Vita Sony

PS Vita continues to attract attention from gamers

Sony has been laboring to make augmented reality gaming a staple for the gaming industry. Earlier this year, the company launched the Playstation Vita, which is a handheld gaming platform with augmented reality capabilities. The PS Vita has managed to expose gamers to augmented reality and its possibilities in gaming, thus ramping up the demand for games that are more interactive and engaging. Recently, Sony unveiled a new game called Box! Open Me for the PS Vita that will provide gamers with a new experience.

Sony introduces new co-operative puzzle game for the Vita

Box! Open Me is a co-operative puzzle game that leverages augmented reality to help players solve the various challenges they will be facing. Each player is given their own digital box, which is viewed through the PS Vita. The boxes are designed to be impossible to open by one person, thus introducing the teamwork aspect of the game. Players will have to work together in order to open the boxes they receive and move on to the next stage.

Tokyo Game Show serves as platform to grab attention of gamers

Sony has been showing off its latest PS Vita game at the Tokyo Game Show. During the show, the company has been keen to show off the augmented reality capabilities of the PS Vita in the hopes of generating more hype amongst consumers. Augmented reality stands to bring significant changes in the gaming industry by unlocking a new level of immersive gaming and interactivity.

AR game to be available worldwide next year

Box! Open Me is scheduled for release in Japan by the end of the year, with worldwide release expected in the beginning of 2013. Gamers have, thus far, been somewhat enthusiastic about the prospects of augmented reality gaming, but many have yet to be swayed by the capabilities of the PS Vita. Sony has tentative plans to include augmented reality in the upcoming Playstation 4, but whether these plans will come to fruition is impossible to say at present.

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