DALL-E artificial intelligence tool creates art based on typed descriptions

Artificial intelligence tool - Research

The software from the OpenAI research lab in Silicon Valley instantly produces the described image. The DALL-E artificial intelligence tool was first unveiled earlier this year by the Silicon Valley OpenAI research lab. It is considered to be one of the most powerful AI systems in the world for image creation. All a user needs to do is type a description, and DALL-E instantly generates an image in the requested artistic style or in the form of a realistic (or mostly realistic) looking photograph. “It’s incredibly powerful,” said University of…

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QR codes fill a building at the International Architecture Biennale

QR Codes

The Russian pavilion in Venice won an award as a result. The Russian pavilion at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice drew a great deal of attention at the end of August, due to its hundreds of QR codes worked into the display, and it has now won an award. The exhibition jury named the barcode filled pavilion the winner of a special award. The special award was granted to the Russian pavilion after it impressed the jury with its massive quantity of QR codes, for a highly unique mobile…

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American Express makes moves toward greater mobile expansion by way of acquisitions

retail Mobile payments American Express

According to its executive vice president, David Messenger, American Express Co. has been seeking certain sizeable international acquisitions in order to assist in its efforts to take advantage of a spike in demand for online commerce and mobile payments in emerging markets. Based on purchases, Amex is the largest issuer of credit cards in the world. Based in New York, it is now looking into deals in China and other developing regions, and, according to Messenger, it wants to make purchases of and investments into startups in Silicon Valley that…

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Zoosh unveils option instead of NFC and Google Wallet

Latest in Mobile Payment Technology

Zoosh, a state of the art development produced by a Silicon Valley startup company called Naratte, has turned the heads of a number of developers of mobile payment technologies, as it has come up with a way to replicate the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) chips through the use of a simple microphone and speaker already found in the majority of mobile devices. The Zoosh technology involves the use of sound frequencies that are inaudible to humans, but that are commonly used in the natural world by animals such…

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