QR code study examines the effectiveness of these barcodes on food packaging

QR Code study - Oysters

Recent research reveals that consumers are not likely to scan QR codes with their phones. A team of American researchers conducted a QR code study related to quick response (QR) codes on food packaging and whether or not consumers use them. The researchers learned that only 1% of the study participants used their phones to scan the QR code on a food label to learn more information about it. QR codes are one of the methods used to provide consumers with more info on bioengineered food products. Back in 2016,…

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QR codes may not be doomed, study shows

qr codes mobile payments money security

A new report published by Nielsen has found that consumers like to use in-store quick response codes. A recent technology news report released by Nielsen with regards to mobile payments has shown that people actually do like to use QR codes when it comes to purchasing things while in a brick and mortar shop. The study showed that mobile payments users have a preference for methods using quick response codes. In fact, nearly half of the participants in the Nielsen survey – that is, 45 percent of them, out of…

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QR codes on label fronts more appealing to marketers than shoppers

QR codes vitamins bottle label example

According to the findings from Doctor’s Best, it is retailers who find the barcodes most attractive. The latest data from the first sixth months of use of the QR codes on the front of the product labels has brought Doctor’s Best – a supplement manufacturer – to the conclusion that retailers find this style of mobile marketing to be more appealing than consumers. This was what they found, despite the fact that the barcodes were geared toward shoppers. Though the QR codes were meant to be used by smartphone carrying…

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QR codes are used, but not for purchasing

QR Code Marketing

A new study conducted in the U.K. and Japan has shown that the barcodes are being scanned but not to buy. The results of a Euromonitor retail technology survey have just been released and they have shown that while QR codes are being scanned by consumers, they are not being used for shopping. The study included the participation of consumers in fifteen different markets. Beyond the use of QR codes, it identified a number of mobile commerce trends. It indicated that consumers in the United Kingdom and in Japan have…

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QR codes used as research tool by University of Lausanne

qr code authenticity checks - qr code under magnifying glass

Researchers use QR codes to study ants QR codes are not only for marketing; they can also be used as a valuable research tool. QR codes were features as a major part of a new study from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. The study involved ants, and researchers used QR codes to track their movements and analyze their behavior. The study involved tagging an entire colony of ants with QR codes, each unique to the ant carrying it. QR codes are more than marketing tools QR codes are most…

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