QR codes in sidewalk bricks may enhance Maryland walking tours

QR codes sidewalk bricks

The trend of using quick response codes may soon be helping visitors to the area. A sidewalk made up of bricks that include QR codes has been proposed to be included as an element of the design of a walking tour in St. Michaels, Maryland, for visitors to the area to use and enjoy. The quick response codes have been included into a number of sidewalks in cities around the world. These QR codes would be made out of brick and would be available for use by anyone with a…

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QR codes on a totem pole provide interactive learning

Totem QR codes

The arts project helps to offer a modern perspective on an ancient form of communication. Totem poles have been used by native peoples of North America for thousands of years in order to represent themselves, commemorate their histories, events, ancestries, and people, and they have now been brought into the latest in communications through the inclusion of QR codes. An interactive arts initiative of £80,000 is giving a modern technology angle to sharing memories. Wester Hailes is using the funds in order to create a totem pole that is not…

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When two worlds collide

The use of QR codes is gaining traction in the print world. As technology evolves, the print industry is looking for ways that it can adapt and keep up with people’s interests. The two industries have been in conflict for many years and, for the most part, both have been unable to succeed over the other. As QR codes rise to prominence, a new line of thought is developing, one that suggests that technology and print can work together instead of competing against one another. The codes are becoming a…

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The non-scanner scanner

Though the number of people using smart phones has been rising rapidly, the number of phones with QR code reading applications remains modest. QR codes are popular in Japan but that is not so in other nations. The codes are gaining in popularity but are still have a long way to go before they become a staple of modern society. Unfamiliarity is one of the greatest challenges facing QR codes in western society. When first seeing the black and white patterned block, some are left dumbfounded. Even when the codes…

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