QR codes in sidewalk bricks may enhance Maryland walking tours

QR codes sidewalk bricks

QR codes sidewalk bricksThe trend of using quick response codes may soon be helping visitors to the area.

A sidewalk made up of bricks that include QR codes has been proposed to be included as an element of the design of a walking tour in St. Michaels, Maryland, for visitors to the area to use and enjoy.

The quick response codes have been included into a number of sidewalks in cities around the world.

These QR codes would be made out of brick and would be available for use by anyone with a smartphone that is equipped with a free scanner. By scanning the barcodes, the user would be directed to a smartphone friendly website that provides information about the specific location where the barcode was placed.

The St. Michael’s Museum is a central part of the community and many believe QR codes would enhance its experience.

Jeff Fones, the president of the St. Michael’s Museum (which is located where the St. Michael’s High School was formerly found, but that is now made up of several buildings), was the presenter of the idea. This presentation was made last week to the town commissioners. There were at least 15 different sites identified by Fones in his list of potential locations for the QR codes along the walking tour. He suggested that they be made up of brick in the sidewalk, which would make them easy to spot and would require very little maintenance.

Among the locations that were recommended for the QR codes included the James Bensen House, the Christ Episcopal Church, and the William J. Fairbank House. Each of those sites are located on Talbot Street and could therefore all be easily worked into the same walking tour. Fones suggested that the list could be expanded over time, in order to include some of the areas other points of interest.

The tourism board estimates have suggested that it would cost approximately $2,000 in order to begin the project and implement the first QR codes into the sidewalks. That said, it would be the town that is responsible for paying for the labor of including those barcode bricks into the walkways.

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