Sony shows off AR game for PS Vita

Augmented Reality from PS Vita Sony

PS Vita continues to attract attention from gamers Sony has been laboring to make augmented reality gaming a staple for the gaming industry. Earlier this year, the company launched the Playstation Vita, which is a handheld gaming platform with augmented reality capabilities. The PS Vita has managed to expose gamers to augmented reality and its possibilities in gaming, thus ramping up the demand for games that are more interactive and engaging. Recently, Sony unveiled a new game called Box! Open Me for the PS Vita that will provide gamers with…

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Sony opens up about the augmented reality technology behind the Playstation Vita

Augmented reality’s incorporation into the world of gaming is currently being championed by Japanese developer Sony and their new handheld device the Playstation Vita. In the months and weeks before the handheld console was released, Sony had touted the device as one of the most advanced gaming platforms ever made. This was mostly because of its use of augmented reality. The company kept the specific details of the technology used in the Vita under wraps, even in the days before its release. Now, however, Sony is finally willing to show…

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Gamescom: Sony unveils three new augmented reality games during gaming convention.

gamescom 2012

One of the gaming world’s most prestigious events has arrived. Gamescom began early this week in Cologne, Germany, and drew in thousands of avid gamers from around the world. This year, developers have been hard at work creating the next generation of games and have succeeded in generating a massive amount of hype around their new products. At the convention, developers will be unveiling new information regarding their games as well as exclusive demonstrations of gameplay footage that has never been seen anywhere else. Sony is eager to show off…

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Sony partners with Novarama to expand their portfolio of AR games

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011

Sony is investing heavily into augmented reality technology. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the company unveiled its new gaming platform, the PS Vita. The system drew much acclaim from audiences in attendance for its innovative use of AR technology. Now Sony is furthering their venture into the field of AR by partnering with Novarama Technology, a game developer based in Spain. Novarama is well known as being one of the only game developers to focus almost exclusively on AR titles.  Novarama has entered into an exclusivity deal with…

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