Gamescom: Sony unveils three new augmented reality games during gaming convention.

gamescom 2012
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gamescom 2012
One of the gaming world’s most prestigious events has arrived. Gamescom began early this week in Cologne, Germany, and drew in thousands of avid gamers from around the world. This year, developers have been hard at work creating the next generation of games and have succeeded in generating a massive amount of hype around their new products. At the convention, developers will be unveiling new information regarding their games as well as exclusive demonstrations of gameplay footage that has never been seen anywhere else.

Sony is eager to show off their new PS Vita handheld gaming device at Gamescom. The company first unveiled the platform at this year’s E3 convention in California several months ago. Handheld systems have always been popular with gamers, but that popularity has increased recently as gamers have become more mobile. The PS Vita promises to bring many unique and innovative features to the world of gaming, the most promising of which is augmented reality technology.

This week, Sony will be unveiling three new games for the PS Vita that will make use of AR technology. Thus far, the game developer has kept details on these projects under wraps, but gamers will be able to get their hands on the games at the convention. The company is sure that its use of AR will set it apart from the competition, as it is currently the only game developer that is making such extensive use of the technology.

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