QR codes could be dethroned with image recognition software, if marketers are willing to turn their backs

QR Codes check in

QR codes have become popular tools for advertisers and are beginning to find favor with consumers, but not everyone is happy with the black and white, blocky barcodes. Herbert Bay, owner of Swiss technology company Kooaba, believes that the codes have no place in the world of technology. Bay’s company has been working on a number of image recognition programs over the past six years. The apps are meant to bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds, and the company has released a new program that may serve…

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Will technology make human memory obsolete?


Society is growing more reliant on technology and this may have dire implications on how people remember things. The Internet has become a major resource for many people, enabling them to find a wealth of information on just about every topic. While the merit of the Internet cannot be denied, it has also encouraged people to not remember the things they have learned. Those that forget the details of a particular subject, whether it be business related or otherwise, can simply turn to the Internet to fill in the gap.…

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Nintendo’s Wii U to feature an NFC-enabled controller

Wii U

Though NFC gets a lot of attention for its applications in marketing and mobile commerce, the technology is beginning to generate a fair amount of buzz in the gaming industry. Japanese development company Nintendo is preparing to reveal their latest console at this year’s E3 2012 conference. The new console, called Wii U, will feature a number of upgrades over its previous iteration. One of these upgrades concerns NFC technology. The Wii U’s controller will be using the technology to give gamers a new experience. The console’s controller is more…

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Nokia’s City Lens application to be available for Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 models

Augmented Reality Nokia

Famed telecommunications company Nokia has begun showing off its new augmented reality mobile application. The app is called Nokia City Lens and will be available for the Nokia Lumia 800 and the upcoming Lumia 900. The company has been investing in a number of different mobile technologies in an effort to provide consumers with a new experience. Augmented reality is part of Nokia’s plan as it allows consumers to see the world in a way they have never done so before. Nokia City Lens is, essentially, an augmented reality version…

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Free QR code generation released by Wolfram Alpha

The complex computation engine known as Wolfram Alpha is now capable of generating QR codes. The codes created by the answer engine can be made to link to websites or and email address and can hold up to 7kb of data. They can also be printed to business cars and other materials. This additional feature comes as a response to growing interests in mobile technology. QR codes are rising to prominence as one of the most versatile tools for the distribution of mobile content on a massive scale. Companies are…

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