Free QR code generation released by Wolfram Alpha

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WolframAlpha's QR Code

The complex computation engine known as Wolfram Alpha is now capable of generating QR codes. The codes created by the answer engine can be made to link to websites or and email address and can hold up to 7kb of data. They can also be printed to business cars and other materials. This additional feature comes as a response to growing interests in mobile technology.

QR codes are rising to prominence as one of the most versatile tools for the distribution of mobile content on a massive scale. Companies are using them to fill the gap between offline and online media as well as connect with consumers directly. The codes boast of being an inexpensive alternative to conventional advertising. Businesses with modest marketing budgets stand to gain much from using the codes as their production is generally free.

WolframAlpha has always been keen to incorporate burgeoning technologies, particularly ones that show as much promise as QR codes. Adopting the term “answer engine,” WolframAlpha seeks to take the guess work out of conventional web searches by providing users with the best answer based on what they are looking for. To accomplish this, the system commences a series of complex computations to provide relevant data to the user.

QR codes are just another way the engine is incorporating emerging mobile technologies. WolframAlpha does not offer any services to compliment the codes, however, as it is essentially a search engine and not in the business of market management.

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