IBM wearable technology provides mobile health monitoring using hand strength

IBM wearable technology fingernails

The latest in mhealth uses a fingernail sensor to quickly and easily measure your overall wellness. A new IBM wearable technology was unveiled this week, adding a “first of its kind” to the mobile health industry. At the moment, this mhealth wearable device remains in the prototype phase. There have been other types of mhealth device in the form of wearables. From the traditional fitness tracker to gadgets that smell your breath, sample your stool or gauge how you type, mobile health technology is rapidly expanding. That said, a new…

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Cleveland patients granted mobile health data access

mobile health data access - iPhone and stethoscope

Cleveland Clinic patients will be able to access their health records via their iPhones. Patients will be able to obtain their personal health information and history through their computer or via mobile health data access through Health Records on iPhone and through the MyChart application. Patients will be able to see all their health records through the mobile apps. Regardless of whether patients obtain their mobile health data access via Health Records or MyChart, both will provide a full view of their health records. This includes information, such as allergies,…

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Mhealth to see staggering growth in device market

blood presssure mhealth

Lux Research has released a report that indicates that by 2023, mobile health devices will reach $41.8 billion. According to the data that has been released in a recent report, the market for mhealth devices will be experiencing considerable growth by 2023, which will be driven by a massive demand for gadgets that will monitor vital signs, as well as in vitro diagnostic devices. The report showed that by the time that year has come to a close, the mobile health device market will reach $41.8 billion. This report was…

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Mobile payments are getting ready to take off in medical billing

mobile payments - healthcare

The healthcare industry is primed to take advantage of what smartphone billing has to offer. Consumer industries has shown considerable growth potential for mobile payments in everything from coffee shops to utility providers, and the healthcare industry has not failed to take notice of this opportunity. That said, healthcare has been slower to adopt these billing techniques than other areas. However, there are a number of different factors that are coming into play in 2013, which could cause this year to be a highly meaningful one for mobile payments, to…

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MSC — QR code for the medical world

QR code- medical industry

Researchers develop MSC to boost patient awareness QR codes have seen limited use from the medical community, typically filling a marketing role or used to track patient information. Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna in Austria and the Vienna University of Technology want to change that, however, and have been working of creating a QR code system that could be a major benefit to the medical world. The research team has fashioned what they call a “medical safety code” (MSC), which is a QR code that contains important information…

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