Cleveland patients granted mobile health data access

mobile health data access - iPhone and stethoscope

Cleveland Clinic patients will be able to access their health records via their iPhones.

Patients will be able to obtain their personal health information and history through their computer or via mobile health data access through Health Records on iPhone and through the MyChart application.

Patients will be able to see all their health records through the mobile apps.

Regardless of whether patients obtain their mobile health data access via Health Records or MyChart, both will provide a full view of their health records. This includes information, such as allergies, immunizations, medications and lab results.

Additionally, both health applications use HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR), which enables the transferring of data from medical records to mobile devices.

“Access to one’s own medical records is a crucial part of the digital transformation taking place in healthcare today, and enhances our relationship with our patients,” said Peter Rasmussen, MD, a neurosurgeon and Medical Director of Digital Health at Cleveland Clinic, reported mHealth Intelligence.

The mobile health data access was also designed to be easy, convenient and practical.

This is achieved in a few ways, starting with allowing patients to organize their health information from different providers into a single view. They will also receive an alert when their information is updated. All accessed health data is fully encrypted and only accessible with the user’s specific iPhone passcode.

What’s more, MyChart allows patients to view upcoming and even previous appointments, as well as physician notes and hospital admission details. Patients can also directly message their healthcare providers via the application, schedule appointments and even request medication renewals.

Amy Merlino, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and Cleveland Clinic’s Chief Medical Information Officer, stated that “When patients have direct access to their personal health information, they have the opportunity to live healthier lives.”

Cleveland Clinic expects that providing patients with access to their personal health records via their mobile phones mobile health data access - iPhone and stethoscopewill help them take a more active and controlled part in their health and wellness.

Cleveland Clinic is one of nearly 40 hospitals and health systems across the United States to allow patients mobile health data access via their iPhones.

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