Mobile technology is a considerable draw for many US hotel guests

Mobile technology Marketing for Hotels

According to a YouGov poll, 39 percent of American travelers prefer to stay at smartphone friendly accommodations. A new YouGov survey that was commissioned by Iris Software Systems has now determined that mobile technology plays an important role in the hotel industry’s ability to appeal to American consumers. The research found that 9 out of every 10 Americans are currently interested in mobile tech at hotels. If the mobile technology can help to enhance their stay, then 9 out of 10 travelers from the U.S. are interested in this opportunity.…

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Mobile app from Foursquare returns its check-in badges

foursquare mobile app

This popular feature is now being returned to the application with the latest update for Swarm. Just about one year after Foursquare announced that it would be dividing its mobile app into two separate applications, the company now appears to be returning some of the features that it had removed and that proved to be some rather unpopular changes among users. This suggests that the company has had time to look at the difference that its new check-ins app, Swarm, has made. On Monday, Swarm was updated and brought back…

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Mobile app from Marriott broadens check-in tech

Marriott mobile app apple pay

Smartphone using guests at the hotel’s locations can skip the front desk for many features they want to use. Though the mobile app from the Marriott is currently considered to be quite cutting edge in the hotel industry at the moment, many in the travel environment now believe that this type of technology will become the standard within the next few years. The smartphone application makes it possible to skip the front desk in order to check-in at the hotel. Though the Marriott already had a mobile app for both…

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Mobile consumers receive free food through new Chili’s social campaign

Mobile Marketing Campaign for Chillis

Mobile marketing campaign designed to bring in the crowds. Chili’s Grill & Bar has announced that it is providing mobile consumers with free food when they check-in to participating locations using their mobile devices. The restaurant chain is using popular social networks such as Facebook Places and Foursquare to help to boost this interactive campaign. Diners who use their smartphones to check-in to the various Chili’s locations from now through the end of may will be offered a free appetizer. The fast casual chain of restaurants is currently present in…

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Carlson Wagonlit Travel launches new mobile app

Mobile App For Travel

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has introduced its new mobile app, called CWT To Go, which is accessible from smartphones with the most popular operating systems. The app is designed to assist travelers on the go to gain access to a number of different services, such as their travel itinerary and the ability to alter their schedule, as well as location-based data. CWT To Go was created by Rearden Commerce, the e-commerce partner of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and is made exclusively available to travelers who have booked their travels and holidays…

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