Carlson Wagonlit Travel launches new mobile app

Mobile App For Travel

Mobile App For Travel
Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has introduced its new mobile app, called CWT To Go, which is accessible from smartphones with the most popular operating systems.

The app is designed to assist travelers on the go to gain access to a number of different services, such as their travel itinerary and the ability to alter their schedule, as well as location-based data. CWT To Go was created by Rearden Commerce, the e-commerce partner of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and is made exclusively available to travelers who have booked their travels and holidays through CWT.

The travel company believes that by offering travelers a practical, usable tool that offers them immediate support, they will be able to make better use of essential information such as their travel details.

Furthermore, it is hoped that it will also ease the travel experience as a whole, by providing travelers with immediate mobile alerts about flight delays or cancellations, gate changes, or other urgent travel alterations. This ensures that CWT clients are always informed about the latest details of their journey and are able to make the appropriate adjustments to their plans when needed.

They will also be able to discover a wider amount of information about their destination and trip as a whole, and can take certain steps more conveniently, such as the mobile check-in, weather forecasts for the destination, and information about local dining opportunities.

CWT To Go is designed to assist travel managers to generate compliance, and is therefore one of the central offerings for mobile from the company. As it helps travelers to boost their own efficiency, travel managers are driving compliance at the same time.

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