Looking ahead: The future of mobile security influenced by the disasters of 2013

mobile security

2013 may live in infamy concerning mobile security Mobile security has become a major priority, and not just for businesses. With so many people using their smartphones and tablets in their daily lives, the security of their information has never been more attractive to malicious groups that want to exploit it. Over the past year, the issue of security has come up frequently, calling into question the lengths that people and businesses are going to in order to keep their information safe. Though 2013 has come and gone, the past…

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Top Trends in Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

It’s estimated that over two-thirds of smartphone owners now use their mobile device to shop online, according to a survey from eDigitalResearch. As mobile commerce continues to increase each year, safer and more convenient mobile payment options have arisen as a result. The following are a few key trends in this department to keep an eye on. The Mobile Wallet One of the technologies that are growing in leaps and bounds is the concept of the mobile wallet. At the moment, there is no standard version of this service, but…

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Ensogo daily deals service begins Bangkok QR code campaign

QR Code Advertising

Ensogo, the largest daily deal site in Thailand (acquired by Living Social earlier this year for an amount that has not yet been disclosed) has announced the launch of their new billboard campaign in Bangkok which uses QR codes. The ads can be found at Thonglor BTS station, which is a location favored by the jet-set in the city. The boards are nothing more than a number of QR codes that promote luxury product and service deal promotions, such as those for golf clubs, vacations, etc. This is quite the…

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Geo-marketing being utilized more and more


Foursquare, the location-based marketing service, has announced a partnership with a series of daily deal coupon businesses, which is expected to bring geo-marketing out of the “dabbling” stage and into much more common use, for a major impact on mobile marketing. Geo-marketing has been effective, but has been only very lightly used in Australia and the United States so far. It has, however, created quite a stir in certain occasions, such as when thousands of customers rushed to Gap stores mere hours after receiving instructions to obtain one of 10,000…

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