Mobile wallet use now higher in the Netherlands than Spain

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Though Spain had been holding the lead spot in Europe, 2022’s third quarter lost its crown. New data released by PYMNTS has revealed that mobile wallet use in Spain has now fallen behind the Netherlands. A collaboration between PYMNTS and Stripe showed that the Netherlands saw notable growth. A report by Connected Economy called “how the World Does Digital: Different Paths to Digital Transformation”, a collaboration between PYMNTS and Stripe showed that 13.6 percent of consumers in the Netherlands completed their in-store purchases using a mobile wallet in the third…

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Romania has highest mobile payments use of all Central and Eastern European Countries

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A recent Visa regional study found that Romanians have the greatest preference to use their phones to pay. Visa recently conducted a regional study on preferred transaction methods and found that Romania had the highest preference for using mobile payments among all eight Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. The adoption rate for the country was the highest, with about 7 of 10 people using this method. The regional study showed that among CEE countries, Romania had the highest mobile payments adoption rate. Seven in 10 people in the country…

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Wearables could have an impact on mobile payments

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Wearable devices could cause a revolution in the mobile payments market Wearable devices are becoming more common and these devices are being lauded for their potential to change digital commerce. While smartwatches and other such technology may not have found commercial success yet, companies like Apple are pushing to ensure that this will happen in the near future. Whether or not wearable devices will revolutionize mobile commerce, however, is unclear, but Visa believes that wearables could be a driver for growth in mobile payments. Apple continues to galvanize the mobile…

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Strategic partnership looks to expand mobile payments in Europe

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SK C&C to launch new mobile payments services in Europe South Korean technology firm SK C&C is set to launch its new Trusted Service Manager services in Europe later this year. These services are designed to support NFC-based mobile payments throughout Europe. The company formed a strategic partnership with Wirecard AG, a financial service firm based in Germany, in order to bolster its presence in the European mobile payments space. Both companies plan to commercialize the Trusted Servicer Manager services by the end of the year. NFC remains prominent mobile…

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Mobile payments are almost ready for in-store in Europe and North America

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A new report from the Berg Insight analyst firm has suggested that the transactions may be ready to get started. According to the latest report from Berg Insight, by 2017, the North America and the EU27+2 region (the twenty seven members of the European Union as well as Norway and Switzerland) will achieve a combined total of €78 billion. This will have been a tremendous increase from having been only €0.6 billion last year. In Europe, the baseline in 2012 was considered to be somewhat meager, having reached only €0.1…

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