QR codes and barcodes celebrate technology anniversary

USB barcode qr codes

Forty years ago, last week, the first UPC code was scanned on a package of Wrigley gum. The barcode, which is now standard on product packages, first had its start forty years ago, and the first one to be scanned was in Ohio at the Troy supermarket, on a Wrigley gum pack, long before the idea of QR codes and other scannables that can be used with today’s smartphones. Despite the fact that those traditional barcodes have been around for so long, they’re still going strong. Scanning the 10-pack of…

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QR codes provide fast and easy jury duty responses

qr codes payments

Residents of Connecticut could soon be able to use their smartphones to confirm or postpone service. It may not be long before residents of Connecticut will be able to use QR codes to be able to either confirm their service or postpone it when they have been called for jury duty. This will allow quick response codes to be scanned so that residents will automatically access the necessary webpage. Should the QR codes become available, they will be official barcodes that will allow residents to email the Jury Administration office,…

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QR code creator predicts a ten year run for the barcodes

qr code standard mobile payments

Masahiro Hara has stated that developments in technology will push out the need for printed barcodes. The man who created QR codes, Masahiro Hara, has recently stated that the ongoing evolutions in technology will mean that paper labels will continue their importance, but because of improvements in image recognition software, it will likely make the barcodes obsolete in around a decade from now. The quick response code has already been around for a while and has now become mainstream in advertising. That said, as much as QR codes can now…

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QR codes will play a key role to mobile marketing throughout the holiday season

QR Codes used for holiday shopping promotions

Major brands and companies are already revealing campaigns using the barcodes. Though mobile marketing has already been recognized as a vital driver for the upcoming holiday shopping season, what is also being discovered is that QR codes will be the heart of many of those campaigns. This technology is expected to stand out dramatically from the rest over the next couple of months. Large brands such as Target, Kraft, Tourneau, and many more have already started to incorporate QR codes into their various efforts to make certain that holiday shoppers…

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QR codes used by digital system to ensure food freshness and quality

QR Codes used for freshness

Scanning the barcode reveals additional information about the product. At a time where food recalls and limited labeling make it very difficult to understand what is and is not safe to eat, QR codes are now being used to help to provide additional information regarding quality and freshness. Scanning the codes allow consumers to inform themselves further about the foods they buy. Many consumers find that when they grocery shop, they don’t entirely trust the labels that they see on a product. Though there are expiry dates on many items,…

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QR code used in mhealth program can help save lives

QR Code Mhealth trends

The barcodes are bridging the gap between the real world and digital information for medical personnel. Though there are some critics who still won’t accept that a QR code offer some value to the mobile world, the barcodes have been showing tremendous potential in the Stop Afib program, which is working to save lives. Stop Afib is a program designed to help those with an irregular heartbeat condition. Atrial fibrillation (afib) is the most common among the various forms of irregular heartbeat medical conditions. It places sufferers at a notably…

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iPhone 5 mobile wallet based on Apple Passbook

Mobile Commerce Apple Passbook mobile wallet

  This new feature skips the NFC chip and uses barcodes, instead. The iPhone 5 release is being seen as yet another Apple success and although the technology manufacturer has turned up its nose at near field communication it has still taken an important step forward in mobile commerce. Instead of NFC, it has opted to create its own type of virtual mobile wallet. These new devices feature faster wireless technology and a larger screen with better overall performance, but they also have the latest Apple iOS 6 operating system,…

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QR codes to be used for mobile payments of everyday bills

Scanning QR codes

The Electronic Payments Association has taken the next step in electronic funds movement. The Council for Electronic Billing and Payment (CEBP), has just announced some proposed changes to the way that the American electronic money movement network will be functioning in the future, through the use of QR codes. This latest alteration proposes that QR codes be included as a bill payment option. It is CEBP that is behind the governance, administration, and further development of this funds transfer and exchange network, and it has just released a new document…

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Should political campaign signage include QR codes?

QR Code Signs

As the penetration of smartphones in the United States approaches 50 percent, the debate as to whether or not QR codes should be included on campaign signs continues to progress. Among the largest errors that can be made in the design of a campaign sign displayed on a lawn is to include too much content. This is because the average individual passing the sign will only spend a couple of seconds glancing at it. This makes QR codes an opportunity to offer additional information about the campaign, without taking up…

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USA TODAY newspapers feature AT&T QR codes

QR Codes in Newspaper

USA TODAY and AT&T are working together to help to provide an enhanced experience for news consumption, which includes printing QR codes onto the pages of the newspaper in order to allow readers to use their smartphones so that they may gain further information relating to the content and the latest news. Readers of USA TODAY can now use their devices in combination with a QR code scanning app – such as the free AT&T Code Scanner – to be redirected to additional interactive multimedia content. The partnership between the…

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