Why your Business Should Be Using QR Codes

QR codes

QR codes have been an interesting piece of technology for just over a decade now, they are implemented in a variety of ways. As they are scannable in the same way barcodes are, using QR codes can provide multiple benefits for a business, from being a useful marketing tool to encouraging more interaction.

The technology is continuously advancing and being used in exciting and interesting ways, but even basic QR codes can enhance any business. Read on to find out the top five ways they can do this.

They promote sharing and networking

QR codes basically act as links, and because of this, they can be used to send users directly to a business’s social media channels. By leading potential customers to your social media, you are providing yourself with an opportunity to form a connection with them, making them more likely to interact and engage with your content, which helps grow your brand.

They can enhance SEO

QR codes can enhance your social media interaction and search engine optimization. This SEO is what improves your rankings on search engines, making you more visible to potential customers who are searching for a business like yours. The QR code helps in providing a secure, one-step process to your site. QR codes can be implemented by outsourced IT support or marketing companies and is just one of the few things IT support can implement to boost your online presence.

They connect all your types of media

Without a QR code, your printed media such as brochures and business cards, do not provide an instant link to your business online. QR codes are an excellent way to encourage customers to visit your website, or perhaps interact with an offer in one easy step. Without the need to input your full URL, you are eliminating the chance of the customer misspelling anything, and then being unable to get to your business online.

They’re measurable

Due to the interconnectivity QR codes provide between printed media, and the online world, they allow you to monitor how effective a print marketing campaign has been. This is possible because you can measure how many times people used the QR links, which provides useful analytics to determine the success of your marketing. By using Google Analytics, you can tag each QR code to a specific campaign to help you keep tabs of it, and evaluate its effectiveness.

They can get creative

QR codes aren’t just little boxes filled with black and white pixels. In fact, in recent times, they can be made to look really interesting and artistic, allowing your marketing to get really creative. By choosing to make QR codes more interesting, you can potentially make your marketing more engaging, and make customers more inclined to scan it, leading them to your site. A lot of companies have utilized the customizability of QR codes to spark huge social media buzz, and by using QR codes, your business could be the next to do that.

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