Apple releases its iPad Pro today

youtube ipad pro

This will be the first time the device is available for sale, but it can be purchased only online. The iPad Pro is available for order online as of today, but it won’t be until later in the week that this new Apple device will also reach actual physical brick and mortar stores, as well. This will be the latest tablet in Apple’s line of mobile devices and its price tag will start at $799. That said, for $1,000, the iPad Pro will also come with a keyboard and a…

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Tablet commerce could take off with new iPad Air 2

ipad mini tablet commerce

This latest Apple device was unveiled at the same time as the next iMac and hast drawn tremendous attention. Last week, Apple Inc. unveiled two new iPads that will soon be available for sale, in an attempt to expand on its tablet commerce revenues and reverse the downward direction that the sales of previous versions of this device have been experiencing. The presentation made by Apple was considered to be relatively free of anything too surprising by many in the industry. That said, while this addition to the tablet commerce…

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New Apple iPad to be unveiled in October

Night Shift touchscreen Apple ipad

It likely won’t be much more than a month after the release of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch that the tablet arrives. The reigning belief in the tech industry at the moment is that now that the iPhone 6 and the company’s smartwatch have been unveiled, it will be time for the newest Apple iPad to be revealed, in order to give the device manufacturer the opportunity to solidify its product lineup just as the holiday shopping season prepares to kick off. The next generation of iPad tablets…

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Top gadgets of 2013 list released by Time

Chromecast top gadgets

The device that made its way to the very top, this year, was the Chromecast, for streaming video content. According to the top gadgets list for this year, as was just released by Time, the best device of the year was the Chromecast media streaming device that was available for a list price of an affordable $35, beating off heavy competition from Microsoft, Apple, and even Nokia. The magazine giant produced its list of the best ten devices that were released this year for consumers. Its explanation for naming the…

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iPad Air and Mini 2 gadgets unveiled by Apple

iPad Air Gadgets

The massive manufacturer were revealed its two new tablets at yesterday’s event. Apple has now unveiled its two latest tablet gadgets, one at the top of the range – the iPad Air – as well as a smaller and less expensive model – the iPad Mini 2 – and, as has been the case over recent years, the devices were met with mixed reaction. The iPad Air is the flagship tablet device and is designed to be the lightest full sized tablet on the market. The larger of the two…

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Technology news shakes up with Bill Gates statement against iPads

Microsoft mobile augmented reality

The creator of Microsoft has created quite a stir with his declaration that consumers are frustrated with the Apple product. According to one of the latest technology news statements made by Bill Gates, consumers are reaching the point that they are becoming quite frustrated with the iPad tablet device from Apple. Gates feels that there are many important functionalities that are lacking in the tablet. The creator of Microsoft, software pioneer and billionaire philanthropist said that the reason that tablet users are starting to lose their patience with the iPad…

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Mobile commerce race currently holds Apple in the lead

ipad vs kindle

Amazon is competition, but it has yet to take first place in this marketplace. ComScore released its data this month that reveals some surprising progress that has been made in the mobile commerce environment, by showing that Apple was the leader of the market, notably ahead of Amazon. That said the Kindle Fire is certainly keeping the iPad on the run. Recent struggles faced by companies such as Facebook or Zynga, which are currently dropping like stones, have led people to believe that the mobile commerce marketplace may have simply…

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Nexus 7 could bring more competition to the tablet market

Nexus 7

Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet Google recently unveiled its new mini-tablet devices called the Nexus 7. With the announcement of the new product, Google is taking its first official steps into the arena of tablet computing. For years, the tablet market has been dominated by Apple and its famous iPad device. The iPad has been able to hold the majority share of the market due to its innovative features, many of which have proven popular amongst consumers. Without competition, Apple may have grown lazy in its efforts to remain at…

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With the start of 2012, speculations for new iPads begin

ipad News

As the new year begins, rumors are already surfacing about when Apple might plan to introduce its next version of the iPad – possibly the iPad 3 – and what features it may include. Apple is always surrounded by speculations about its upcoming products, and when it reaches the point that a new release may be imminent, the predictions begin forming at a furious rate, based on even the tiniest pieces of information. Though much of it is typically just talk, there are always a few points that can bring…

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iPad apps provide free helpful cancer information

Cancer Mobile App

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying, and the ability to obtain information in order to better understand what it is, what treatments and support are available, and how to better cope as the patient or a loved one, can make all the difference. This is how some apps designed for the Apple iPad are hoping to help. A guide to the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s 120 forms of cancer is only one of the services available through the Mobile app. It is a free application that provides useful…

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How closely will the Amazon Kindle tablet resemble the iPad?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon technology news

Information about the latest Amazon Kindle tablet has been leaked, providing insight into what can be expected from its upcoming release. As far as the unofficially released information has indicated, the device will be a 7 inch color touch screen which will not have any physical buttons. Its operating system was built on a foundation of an older version of Android which was then constructed into a wholly new interface that is fully integrated with the apps from Amazon such as the MP3 Cloud Player, the Kindle Reader, the Amazon…

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