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Tablet commerce could take off with new iPad Air 2

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This latest Apple device was unveiled at the same time as the next iMac and hast drawn tremendous attention.

Last week, Apple Inc. unveiled two new iPads that will soon be available for sale, in an attempt to expand on its tablet commerce revenues and reverse the downward direction that the sales of previous versions of this device have been experiencing.

The presentation made by Apple was considered to be relatively free of anything too surprising by many in the industry.

That said, while this addition to the tablet commerce industry may not have come with a broad range of surprises, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t interesting. It also coupled the announcement of its iPads with the presentation of its new iMac desktop computer. This new computer has a display that has a resolution that is seven times better than that of a standard HD television. The iPad Air 2 also has some improvements over previous models.

This addition to the tablet commerce market has reduced its thickness by a considerable 18 percent.

ipad mini tablet commerceThat said, even though these tablets are nearly one fifth thinner, they still have more powerful processors and graphics engines than their predecessors. Moreover, the new iPad Air 2 mobile devices now feature the fingerprint reader that had previously been available only in the iPhone. This will give the users of these tablets the opportunity to use the new mobile payments service called Apple Pay, which the company announced would become available today. The smaller version of the device, called the iPad Mini 3, is also going to include the Touch ID feature.

As Apple Pay rolls out, today, it is getting started with a considerable amount of support, which will have reached the point of being greater than 500 banks in early next year. The company started taking orders for the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 on Friday. That said, the data from this weekend had not yet been released at the time that this article was written. That said, as the larger version starts at $499 and the smaller starts at $399, it is certain that the weekend will have been an important one for tablet commerce.

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