Tablet commerce could soon be led by a much larger device

ipad mini tablet commerce

Speculations are flying about an iPad to launch in 2015 with a massive 12.9 inch screen.

At the same time that the world is closely watching Apple’s movements just ahead of its September 9 event date in which it is expected to launch the iPhone 6 and possibly even a smartwatch (currently known as the iTime or the iWatch), speculations are also circulating about the impact that the company could make on tablet commerce in 2015.

Technology news reports are circulating with regard to preparations for a very large iPad product.

These tablet commerce reports have stated that Apple’s suppliers are getting themselves ready for the manufacture of iPad devices that are considerably larger than the current devices. The production of those big screen tablets has – according to these reports, which quote unnamed sources with knowledge on the matter – been set for the first quarter of 2015. The screen will allegedly be a diagonal 12.9 inches.

This is considerable news for tablet commerce, as the current 9.7 inch iPad displays lead mobile shopping.

ipad mini tablet commerceThe standard iPad has a diagonal 9.7 inch screen, while the iPad Mini display is 7.9 inches. These gadgets have been receiving a great deal of attention in the t-commerce world due to the fact that among shoppers who use mobile devices to research products and to make purchases, iPad users are often found to be those who take part in these shopping activities the most often and who spend the most money when they do.

Therefore, for those companies who target their mobile marketing and online shopping experiences at iPad owners, this could be considerable news as it will make a difference of over 2 inches to the experience. While this may not sound like much, small screen size has been a factor holding back the experience of shopping over mobile devices for many consumers, so boosting the display may mean that individuals will be more willing to shop over tablets instead of continuing to turn to their laptops in order to actually buy.

A spokesperson for Apple, Trudy Muller, declined to comment on this potential new entry to tablet commerce, but that is not at all surprising. The company has a strict policy against any announcements about a device (including its very existence) before its official unveiling.

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