New Apple iPad to be unveiled in October

Night Shift touchscreen Apple ipad

It likely won’t be much more than a month after the release of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch that the tablet arrives.

The reigning belief in the tech industry at the moment is that now that the iPhone 6 and the company’s smartwatch have been unveiled, it will be time for the newest Apple iPad to be revealed, in order to give the device manufacturer the opportunity to solidify its product lineup just as the holiday shopping season prepares to kick off.

The next generation of iPad tablets is now expected to arrive in around mid-October.

This announcement about the upcoming Apple iPad generations has not been officially confirmed, as the company never reveals anything about their devices – including whether or not they exist – until their official launch. That said, the second largest product from the company, by revenue, is the tablet, and it makes every bit of sense that CEO Tim Cook would want to shake things up along that line, as their sales in that category have been steadily declining for two straight quarters.

By October, it will have been a year since there has been an introduction of a new Apple iPad.

touchscreen Apple ipad mobile appsAs consumers start to look toward smartphones that feature larger screens, Apple is not going to want to miss its chance to appeal to them with a new and improved tablet device that bears their logo.

The latest smartphone releases, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have larger screens and hit the store shelves (only to fly back off them again due to massive consumer demand) in the United States, late last week. Those devices were unveiled at the same event a couple of weeks ago along with a smartwatch, the Apple Watch, that has a tiny little screen and represents the company’s first steps into the wearable technology domain.

It also branched out into mobile payments, at the same time, introducing its Apple Pay system. Now, Cook is aiming to build outward with the key products at the same time that the company heads into new categories.

Rumors are that the next Apple iPad will have a considerably larger screen, at 12.9 inches. It is believed that there may also be a next generation for the standard sized device, at 9.7 inches, and even a new version of the much smaller mini.

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