Starbucks pushing ahead with mobile commerce plans

Starbucks Mobile commerce

Company continues to find success in the mobile field

Starbucks has found a significant degree of success in its mobile commerce initiatives, but the company is not yet satisfied and intends to establish a larger presence in the mobile field. Convenience is the key to mobile success, and Starbucks has plans to introduce a new service that will have convenience as its most attractive feature. Starbucks will soon introduce a new feature to its popular mobile application that will allow customers to order products directly from their mobile device. They can use this same device to pay for these products.

New feature will allow customers to place orders from their mobile devices

According to Starbucks, 14% of its in-store purchases throughout the U.S. are made through its mobile application. The app allows customers to pay for products with nothing more than their smartphone or tablet. Starbucks will soon begin testing a new service that will allow these customers to place orders from their devices as well. This feature will be tested in a limited geographic area to begin with and will be expanded in the future, depending on its success.

Demand for convenience is growing

Starbucks Mobile commerceThe demand for convenient mobile commerce services is on the rise. Consumers have shown that they are quite interested in shopping for and purchasing products with their smartphones and tablets, but many of the services that are available to them currently are somewhat cumbersome. Some services are difficult to use, making the shopping and payment process problematic for consumers. Starbucks has managed to find success in offering these consumers a lightweight solution that is easy to use and free of some of the cumbersome aspects that sometimes makes mobile commerce unattractive to consumers.

Other organizations may soon make use of Starbucks’ mobile payments technology

Starbucks currently serves as a very powerful example of what can be accomplished in the mobile commerce field. As such, Starbucks is currently in talks with potential partners that could make use of its mobile payments technology. This technology could be particularly useful for retail companies that wish to engage a massive mobile demographic.

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  1. Krillion by Local

    It’s not surprising that Starbucks is rolling out new mobile commerce plans. Consumers are ready for mobile payments and mobile wallets, and Starbucks was one of first retailers to lead by example with mobile payments. According to our recent research, 27% of consumers reported paying for a purchase via mobile payment technology, within the past 3 months.

    Despite consumers stating that they’re still concerned about privacy and security issues related to mobile payments, hardware enhancements are paving the way for more streamlined mobile wallet technology. And although mobile payments haven’t gained traction as fast as some predicted, mobile payments are going to make steady increases as more and more consumers demand a way to seamlessly pay for their purchases via their mobile devices.

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