QR codes used for express hotel check ins

Hotel QR codes

Guests of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group locations will be able to scan to check in for their stays.

Starting in October, guests of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group locations will be able to reduce the amount of time that it takes to check in for their stay by being able to use personalized QR codes that can be scanned.

These barcodes will be provided to the guests at the time that their reservation is made.

This optional service will use QR codes that are sent to them via email in their confirmation documentation of the reservation that has been made. It will begin being possible to use this option for checking in to the hotels as of tomorrow. When one of these codes is scanned by one of the hotel’s staff members through the use of a smartphone or tablet device screen, or from a page that was printed off, all of the relevant information will automatically be entered into the system.

Hotel QR codesThe QR codes will provide the staff member with all of the necessary reservation details.

This will help customers to be able to check in more quickly without having to wait as the staff member requests and enters the information into the computer in order to locate the reservation itself. This will include the specific details of the reservation, the customer’s contact information, any special requests, and even benefits and discounts, all through a single scan of QR codes.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group is hoping that this will reflect their commitment to continue to improve their services and to use technology to provide customers with smoother and more personalized check in experiences. There are also additional plans in development to expand this basic level of the use of the QR codes and to broaden the system so that they can be incorporated into other valuable uses.

Other uses for QR codes that may become available in the future at the hotels could include application in their fitness centers (Fitz Club – Racquets, Health and Fitness), at their Cliff Spa, or at any of the restaurants within the various hotel locations.

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  1. Melissa

    How to make tge qr code safe and it cannot be copied by someone else so that tbe latter can also gao door access?

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