QR codes on stickers may save motorcycle riders’ lives

augmented reality motorcycle helmet graphic qr codes
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These quick response codes could also be used by cyclists in case they are ever involved in an accident.

When it comes to a traffic accident – particularly one involving a cyclist or a motorcycle rider – every second can count when emergency medical assistance arrives, and now a new program using QR codes has been designed to help to provide those first responders with critical information in the speed of a barcode scan.

This quick response code technology can speed up the sharing of vital information in an important way.

The Sussex Safer Roads partnership (SSRP) is a group that is made up of emergency services in combination with local Sussex, England authorities. It has placed its support behind the launch of stickers bearing QR codes which, when scanned, will provide first responders at the scene of an accident with important personal medical and emergency contact information for an injured individual.

These stickers with QR codes are designed to be affixed to a safety helmet and can be scanned by emergency first responders.

augmented reality motorcycle helmet graphic qr codesAccording to East Sussex County Council road safety officer, Graeme Beattie, any chance that exists to give first responders with the additional information that they need to make the most of that first “golden hour” following a traffic accident with a cyclist or a motorcycle rider is something that “has to be supported.”

Beattie went on to say that “It is fundamental to find practical ways for road users to be able to share medical or personal information in critical situations, and we believe that these stickers provide an easy and up-to-date approach that can help towards increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome in such situations.”

The product has been called the In Case of Emergency Quick Response stickers (iCEQR). They have been created by a company called CERQL, which is an expert in QRcode technology. They are going to be distributed to cyclists and motorcyclists for free.

Every one of the iCEQR stickers features unique QR codes that the owner can customize online in order to ensure that when the barcode is scanned it will reveal critical medical details and emergency contact information that emergency responders could use in the case of an accident.

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