QR codes on stickers may save motorcycle riders’ lives

augmented reality motorcycle helmet graphic qr codes

These quick response codes could also be used by cyclists in case they are ever involved in an accident. When it comes to a traffic accident – particularly one involving a cyclist or a motorcycle rider – every second can count when emergency medical assistance arrives, and now a new program using QR codes has been designed to help to provide those first responders with critical information in the speed of a barcode scan. This quick response code technology can speed up the sharing of vital information in an important…

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New app for iPhone tracks employee hours by using QR codes

QR Code Video

An iPhone app has provided a new tool based on QR code technology that allows the TimeStation system to offer companies a new high tech way to track the hours of their workers while they’re on the job. The concept of the TimeStation was that if QR codes can help with other tracking processes, such as in helping with the tracking of the mail, then it can be used for other purposes such as monitoring the attendance of employees, too. The system functions by combining an iPhone app with ID…

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Scanning your way to a better education

Information is becoming increasingly mobile. To keep up with technology, the West Virginia University Libraries will be using QR codes to help students gain quick access to the resources offered by the libraries. The codes can be scanned with smart phones that have barcode scanning applications. David Roth, a library associate, says the codes are a great way to bridge the gap between digital content and physical media. When scanned, the codes will resolve to the library’s mobile website. From there, students will be able to check the availability of…

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